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World Golf Tour

World Golf Tour is a 3D browser based golfing game with great graphics and simple gameplay. Play on several realistic courses alone or with other players. Chose from dozens of clubs, balls, and other equipment in this realistic golfing game!

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Publisher: World Golf Tour
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: N/A
Filesize: N/A
Pros: +Great visuals. +Play solo or against other players. +Varied tournaments. +Realistic golf experience. +Video tutorials.
Cons: -Limited RPG elements. -Appeal limited to golf fans. -Repetitive gameplay. -Only 9 courses.

By Ange Perdu
World Golf Tour is a 3D browser based golf game where players test their skills in multiplayer mode against other golf enthusiasts online or tee off solo. Explore 9 realistic looking courses simulating historic sites where the PGA Club Pro Championship, US Open, and even the Ryder Cup have taken place. Complete WGT quests to earn XP. Practice and try to master the art of the perfect swing. Play four different games of golf. Buy an assortment of clubs, balls, and technique enhancement snacks. Personalize your profile and participate in community forums. Chat with friends while playing holes. Join or start your own Country Club. Compete in challenging tournaments to win prizes. Become a rich renowned golfer in World Golf Tour.
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On the Green, the Gameplay
Players have several options when it comes to gameplay in World Golf Tour. Users can follow the WGT recommended task objectives which are mini quests to earn XP, enter one of the 9 courses for some solo practice, or play with friends in the multiplayer mode. The task objectives often vary from watching a how to video on hitting to completing a Closest-to-the-Hole game on Wolf Creek. Higher XP is earned for more difficult quests. At any time players can enter the Bethpage Black, Bali Hai, Kiawah Island, St. Andrews, Celtic Manor, Oakmont, Edgewood Tahoe, Pinehurst No. 8, or Wolf Creek course to play a round. These scenic true-to-life courses really make the game. The quality graphics and challenging gameplay is as impressive as Tiger Woods Online. Depending on the selected location there are water hazards, well placed bunkers, high roughs, narrow fairways, and white sandy transition zones for golfers to conquer. There are four different golf games to choose from when entering a course. Users can play Closest-to-the-Hole, Stroke Play, Match Play, or Blitz.
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During rounds a meter appears at the bottom of the screen. Players must place the cursor over the swing meter to activate the swinging status. Then click, hold, and drag the mouse up to set the desired strength level. Releasing the mouse button starts a moving green shaded line along the meter. Players have to click as soon as the line reaches the bold white mark for a good swing. Clicking too soon or late will make the shot a bit off. A side map display ball location and yardage. Similar to the sport played in the real world golfers must take in consideration elevation, wind direction, and speed when aiming their shot. The game features a lot of technique details that golfing fans will appreciate. As players progress through the holes they earn experience points and level up. Golfers can go into multiplayer mode by performing a search for open games to join or staring their own. Users can select the course, number of holes, and required player level. When playing against or with others a chat box appears near the top side of the screen. Loading times is relatively slow when using the multiplayer mode. It can take quite sometime before everyone is ready to hit the green together.
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Country Clubs & Tournaments
Golfers can also participate in tournaments. There are four distinct types consisting of Closest-to-the-Hole, Stroke Play, Ready-Go, and Country Club Tournaments. Closet-to-the-Hole and Stroke Play tournaments are free to play. Winners are randomly drawn. In Ready-Go tournaments players have to pay a fee of 100 credits to enter. There is no waiting period. Golfers instantly start their game. Once the required number of users have participated the individual with the top score wins. More credits or exclusive items are rewarded to the winner. To enter the Country Club tournaments users must be a member of a Country Club. Players can join an already established club or create their own for 50 credits. Occasionally exclusive competitions are available where players can snag real prizes like golf gear to perfect their swing offline as well. World Golf Tour also has some nice community features. Each player has their own profile page that they can personalize with game replay footage, messages, and status info. The active online forum allows users to find other players with similar interests.
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WGT Virtual Pro Shop
In the WGT Virtual Pro Shop there’s a large selection of clubs, balls, snacks, and customized avatars to choose from. All items in the shop require the purchase of credits. Although various clubs and gear can be earned for free periodically through playing the exclusive specialty items in the shop gives players a significant advantage over others. Buy the Tour Plus 10.5 Driver, Pro 3 Hybrid 19 Steel, Ghost Putter, Z Satin TP 60 Wedge, and Pro Iron Club Sets in pink, yellow, zebra striped, orange, or gold colors. Ball packs featuring increase distance or spin enhancements are available too. Snacks in the shop generate 5-20% boosts in XP. There is also an assortment of customized men or men avatars that can be purchased but they look somewhat generic with the standard plaid pants and various colored polo shirts.
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Final Verdict: Good
World Golf Tour is a solid online golfing game. Players tee off in simulated versions of the top most scenic golf courses in world. Although there are only 9 courses users still get a realistic golfing experience. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends it’s equally challenging. The high quality graphics and immense amount of detail create an atmosphere similar to popular games like Tiger Woods Online. Join a Country Club, participate in daily tournaments for prizes, and buy exclusive golf gear for an edge. Any avid golf fan will thoroughly enjoy World Golf Tour.

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