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Nintendo Wii U Game Console Review!!

Nintendo Wii U Game Console Review

Console NameWii U
High DefinitionYes (1080p)
CPUIBM Power based Multi core processor
GPUAMD Radeon based HD GPU
USB Slots4
Touch screen size6.8 Inch
Analogue Circle padsYes
Social NetworkingYes
Compatible with Nintendo ControllersYes
Rechargeable ControllerYes
AcceleratorYes – Inbuilt
Expected ReleaseJune 2012

Nintendo Wii U game controller – The Magic Wand

Yes, the game controller is like a magic wand for every game. We cannot use the game if there is some problem with our game controller and it plays a great role in enhancing the gaming experience. A good game controller should be east to use, comfortable to handle, as it might be used for hours. Many gamers used to think, that it will be great if their Nintendo DS can interact with their LCD television and play Super Mario Bros in a bigger screen for a better enjoyment. Anyway they were convincing themselves that they cannot get everything in one.

Many people who bought Nintendo Wii are happy with what they got. The only problem they got is from their home, when their mom or dad wants to watch something in the TV. They got no other way than giving the TV remote controller and sit bored in the corner of their room. They were feeling that they couldn’t enjoy much with their ultimate gaming machine, as their friends play games all the time and keeping themselves busy with their Nintendo DS.

It looks like Nintendo are going to satisfy almost all our dreams. The Nintendo Wii U game controller itself looks up-to-date, there is no need to press the keys much, everything can be done by the same way we do physically.

The buttons are kept, just for the comfort of ultimate gamers who are really practiced with banging the button like anything when they get too much immersed in games. Obviously the controller is wireless, there is no problem of getting messed up with too much of wires around the TV area. Nintendo didn’t miss their traditional Nunchuk analogue stick, as they embedded them as analogue circle pads in the both top corners of the controller. The controller can be recharged, it has home button, power button, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons and ZL/ZR buttons.

Nintendo Wii U Game Console has a 6.8 inch touch screen in the middle of the controller. Although the touch is pretty easy enough to tap around with fingers, the stylus is given to doodle something in the touch screen while taking a break while playing games with the controller. Any gamer will find the 6.8 Inch touch screen very useful, when someone is forced by their family members to change the TV channel to let them watch their favorite TV programs. There will no need to to worry that the game has to be stopped to let them watch TV. As the game could be played in TV screen as well as the controller screen, we just have to switch over from TV to the controller screen.


The most unbelievable feature we found in the Nintendo Wii U preview is, that golf can be played virtually by using our hands just like we do in a golf club and the game targets can be aimed, zoomed, and shoot with the new controller by viewing the angle through the controller screen and the cross hair which appears in the screen to get an accurate aim of the targets.

This tempting game console can support Up to 4 controllers can be connected at once. The compatible controllers which can be connected to the new Wii U are Wii remote (or Wii remote +), Classic controller pro, Wii balance board, Nunchuk Controller, Classic Controller. Sometimes we might want to see some photos or videos in which we see in the control screen. It can be done by loading the content to be seen in the TV screen and just swipe the touch screen away towards the TV screen. Virtually, it will be like they are flying into the TV screen. It supports video chat through its inbuilt camera in the new Wii U controller and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can be accessed.

Games are in development

Nintendo is getting ready to release this ultimate gaming machine with its compatible games. They announced that a version of Super Smash Bros have been developed for both Nintendo 3Ds and Nintendo Wii.

The Wii U version of Tekken will be released with the new feature of drawing the game characters.

The action packed Assasins Creed will be released shortly after Wii U.

Darksiders fans will be excited as Darksiders 2 is announced to be released with Nintendo Wii U itself.

Ghost Recon Online, Batman Akham city, Dirt, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razer’s Edge and Killers Freaks from outer space from Ubisoft are the other games under development for the new generation game console from Nintendo.

Electronic Arts (EA) announced that they will be supporting Wii U with their games and the releases will be unveiled shortly.

Technical Features

Technically, Wii U Handheld Console from Nintendo has very strong and latest features to brag about. It can support full HD 1080p. The CPU is IBM Power based multi core processor; it lets the player dive into the games with greater speed and quality. There are four USB cords are included to support more USB devices. It is build to be backward compatible with Wii games and controllers.

Verdict and Release

Above all, the new Nintendo Wii U will be a great hit among the hardcore gamers. The unique features and quality are expected to be the best as per the unveiled specifications. The manufacturers of this revolutionary game console, says that it will be better than PS3 from sony and Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

Nintendo has announced that, the game console will be released by June 2012 and the compatible games will be released once the console is released. Although we have a lot of questions in our mind, we just have till we get some more information.

We will be updating our article as soon as we get some more information on Nintendo Wii U.

Nintendo Wii U Game Console – Technical Specification Table

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